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rollercoaster i like to call life
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My sister is in love with this… =))

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OhMySimpson!! CODY SIMPSON FOLLOWS ME ON TWITTER!! Guys, I cannot even explain the amount of joy I am feeling right now… Like, seriously… If, I died, right now, I would still be soooo happpyyyyy

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Loving the Jedward style there Caspar!! XD 


Caspar and his Mum!<33

Caspar’s in LURVEEE =DD

From the Live Show on YouNow



From the bottom of the stairs…

To the top of the charts.

From the X-Factor…

To the Olympics.

From onesies…

To thousand dollar suits.

From children…

To men.

From 5 individuals…

To the biggest boy band ever known to the world.

One dream…

One goal…

One Direction.

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this is amazing.. his eyes are so blue!!!
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Not the best edit I know, don&#8217;t judge!!! XD 
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Oh Caspar, why do you insist on staring into our souls? x

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So umh second try at an edit….sigh I need photoshop so bad. 

Congratulations to Caspar Lee for reaching 100 000 subscribers on Youtube 
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Bit of editingg &lt;33
Swag is for Boys,
Class is for Men 
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